About Us

The Modern Home Shop is a small, UK based, family run business that has a passion for each and every product we sell, from beautiful ornaments, cosy soft furnishings, creative storage solutions and ultra realistic artificial plants! We have carefully selected our products to ensure that, as home decor lovers and enthusiasts, we would be happy with the purchases should we be the ones buying from this website.

Myself and my partner launched The Modern Home Shop a short while after moving into our first home together and realising we both had a passion for all things homely. From coming up with attractive looking displays in every possible position in our home, or finding innovative solutions to making the most out of the limited space we had available to us, we realised we had a knack for creating beautiful spaces on a limited budget. We decided to turn this passion into a business, sourcing and supplying products to allow other people from around the UK to turn their home into a place they can be proud of, just as we are of ours.

As to the entire day to day running of the shop being carried out by the owners, we are able to offer a personal and friendly service to each of our customers. Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have about the shop or our products.

We pride ourselves on having sourced our products from UK suppliers who ensure the highest build quality and wherever possible, using materials from sustainable sources. 

We personally thank you for your custom and helping us on our way to making a life and a living out of our passion for all things homely.