Electronic Mice Repellent

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  • NOT ONLY ULTRASONIC ! POWERFUL MICE REPEL & BREAKTHOUGH THREE WAVES TECHNOLOG OF SYNTHETIC WAVES. This electronic rodents repellent repels away rodents and other pests! VIVREAL mouse repellent emits 3 different sounds, containing one low frequency electromagnetic sound and two kinds of ultrasonic sound that act upon the auditory system and nervous system, driving the rats and mice away from your places. Thus, the rats and mice will be kept out of your property!
  • SAFEST WAY TO CONTROL THE RODENTS! VIVREAL electronic pest repellent features totally physical way to repel rats and mice. This ultrasonic rat repellents requires no poisons and do not put the user in contact with potentially dangerous rats and the many diseases they carry. Human and pets will not be influenced anymore. What is more, you never need to worry about dealing with sick body of rats and mice! Now it's time to give yourself a safe and secure place, a best residential environment!
  • GUARANTEE AND WARRANTY FOR YOUR INVESTMENT! We firmly believe that you will see this breakthrough three waves synthetic mouse repellent operate well for 90% cases within 3 - 4 weeks.But we still provide ONE YEAR WARRENTY for VIVREAL electronic mouse repellent.In addition, products can be returned or exchanged unconditionally within 24 hours after you receive products and find any dissatisfaction.
  • WIDE COVER RANGE FOR USE. Being effective around 1100 SQ.FT,totally enough for an ordinary room. Notice: Despite this unit is highly effective, installing one in every room if you face a large infestation. You can finally enjoy your comfortable living room or work space!
  • EASY TO USE & EAST TO TRACK! Just plug in the ultrasonic rat repellents, it will starts working immediately! VIVREAL mouse repellent changes the frequency sounds automatically so that rodents are unable to adapt to any sounds. There are two lights(blue and red) indicates how the electronic mouse repellent works and whether your rodents control device is working properly.

Warranty: This item is provided with 12 months warranty and life time customer service from the date of purchase.

Are you trying to avoid using pesticide or any other chemicals to get rid of these pests?
Try VIVREAL THREE WAVES SYNTHETIC MOUSE REPELLENT, and never worry about rats and mice!

SD-069 is used to expel the mice. In addition, it is helpful to control the following pests: cockroach,ant, spiders, cricket, bug, flea, moth even mosquitoes etc. (The main use is to repel the rodents, whereas controlling other pests is only a supplementary function.)

This electronic mouse repellent utilize modern micro-electronic technology to emit alternately low frequency electromagnetic wave and two different ultrasonic waves that rodents would rather not be around. The hearing and nervous system of rodents are effected by this special waves, so they will become listless, lack of appetite, loss of reproductive capacity and invasion ability. Thus, it can repel rodents and prevent them from invading your home.

This electronic rodents control is safe with pets, being no harmful to the health of your dogs and cats because it doesn't utilize any sort of chemical or poison.

1)Ultrasonic frequencies do not travel between walls. So for the most effective rodent control, ultrasonic devices need to be placed in multiple rooms.
2)In order to achieve best results,it should be installed as low to the ground as possible because most of the mice running on the ground. Moreover there should be no obstacles in front of the device.
3)Rodent repellent will not kill mice and rats, and will not get all of the mice and rats left immediately, instead, it is a long-lasting process.The best effects will be reached after using it continuously for 3-4 weeks.

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