iBoutique® Bayonet Daylight Energy Saving Light Bulb

iBoutique® Bayonet Daylight Energy Saving Light Bulb

  • $7.49

Brand: iBoutique

Color: White


  • Energy Saving Daylight Bulb - Emits Bright White, Soothing Light
  • Supplementary Bulb for Seasonal Affective Disorder SAD Sufferers
  • Ideal for Snooker / Pool Tables, Indoor Hobbies, Art, Craft, Photography
  • Output: 1600 Lumen, Power Cons: 30 Watt, Colour: 6500K, Lifetime: 8000 Hours,
  • Quality light for individual and communal workspaces. Reaches maximum brightness in 1 second

Publisher: i4ingenuity Limited

Details: Introducing The iBoutique Bayonet (B22) 30 Watt Daylight Energy Saving Bulb

This is one of the brightest and best performing bulbs on the market today. And also at this price point it is unbeatable.

Ideal for when natural lighting is a must. This gives out true bright white light (6500K) - the equivalent to a 150 Watt bulb but it only consumes 30 Watt. The output is 1600 Lumen to give you an indication of just how bright it is. You will be amazed at the brightness!

Essential for snooker/pool tables, photographic studios, art, design, craft and any other application where natural light is a must.

Is also a very useful for SAD sufferers who need extra daylight.

Very fast start up time - reaches maximum brightness in just 5 seconds. Please note that the product like most energy bulbs, cannot be used with dimmers.

Let there be light!

EAN: 1234788986990